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Get over writer’s block with Plinky

Get over writers block with Plinky

Suffering from a writer’s block? WordPress can help you unblock it. Automattic, the company that provides you your favorite blogging software, has acquired Plinky, a service that stimulates your writing chords by asking you a new question everyday.

Does it really help you get over your writer’s block? Depends actually. I think it’s more of a “meme” service where multiple bloggers are given a topic to write on. It comes with social media features: you can promote your Plinky (sounds kinky, actually) inspired blog posts using your favorite social media and networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and if course, it comes fully integrated with WordPress now.

Aside from text you can also post videos, images, your playlists and even maps.

Again, does it help your writer’s block? You suffer a writer’s block when you don’t seem to be able to write. It’s like, you know what you want to write but somehow you cannot put your thoughts to words and the more effort you put in, the more attrophied the entire experience becomes.

More than helping you get over with your writer’s block, Plinky stimulates you by giving you different writing ideas everyday, which is good for writing/blogging practice. Blogging after all is all about writing something new and fresh regularly and then sharing it with people who are interested in it. Besides, the success of WordPress depends on how many people blog regularly. Although it’s the best blogging tool available, the core base is going to saturate after a while. It’s important that old bloggers keep blogging and new prospective bloggers are encouraged to write and share more.