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How to become a YouTube partner

Become a YouTube partner

If you publish videos on YouTube on a regular basis then you should consider becoming a YouTube partner. There are many advantages of becoming a YouTube partner such as

  • Your custom banner on your YouTube partner page and also on your videos
  • In depth analytics of how your videos are viewed
  • Better copyright protection
  • High-definition videos
  • You can publish custom advertisements on a revenue sharing basis
  • You can rent videos and use them commercially while still hosting on YouTube
  • Increase your brand presence and credibility

So how do you become a YouTube partner?

  • Publish original videos: Whenever you upload a video make sure that every aspect of your video — including visuals, audio and text — originally belongs to you. There must be no copyright infringement.
  • Make sure that you upload videos that are appropriate to watch: Since YouTube would prefer that your videos get maximum exposure they must be watchable to the widest audience. This means your videos must pass the “grandmother test” which means your grandmother must be able to watch your video.
  • Upload your videos regularly: If you want to become a YouTube partner you will have your own dedicated channel and this means you should upload video content as regularly as possible. It doesn’t mean that you upload videos everyday but you must have a schedule so that people know when to expect videos from you.

Does it require lots of effort to become a YouTube partner?

Well it depends on what you term as “lots of effort”. This is because for some people creating and uploading videos is great fun and entertainment and for some it is merely work. If it is merely work for you then of course regularly creating videos, uploading them and entering appropriate meta information may seem like an uphill task. If you do it for fun, then of course it is an ongoing fun.

In order to qualify as a YouTube partner as mentioned above you have to be persistent in terms of quality and originality. You need to upload videos on YouTube on an ongoing basis so that you can prove that you are a serious publisher.

You should also try to generate as many views as possible for your videos. For this you can improve their search engine rankings by entering right keywords, description and tags so that your videos are easily found for the right keywords and key phrases.

After uploading your videos and entering all the information you can also promote your videos through your blog and social networking profiles. Keep in mind that the more traffic you can generate the more attractive you will seem to those who are going to review your application as a YouTube partner.